Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fun Times with the Boys

Jacob and Micah seem to be really starting to enjoy each other's company. This is a wonderful stage to watch. They're mimicking each other's actions, Micah loves to tickle Jacob, Jacob loves to hold Micah's hand. It is so adorable to watch! Jonathan and I took the boys to the zoo for a bit yesterday. It was really hot already at 1100, so we didn't plan to stay long. Well, Micah had other plans! He got so upset every time we tried to skirt past an animal. He wanted to see each and every one! He especially loved looking at the snakes in the reptile house and petting the stingrays. Jacob wanted to pet the stingrays, but couldn't seem to get past the fear of falling in the water with the stingrays. They both had a great time at the zoo, and Daddy got to come along this time, too.

Micah said a couple of new words today and yesterday. Yesterday, at the zoo, he kept asking, "What dat?" and wanted detailed explanations of what animals he was looking at. Today, he said he was "ungry" for hungry. Jacob asked for "yogurt" and loves asking where Logan is (now that he can say the name properly) and says Micah's name very clearly. Jacob is one who gets his mind set on one way to say a word, even though he may not be saying it correctly (or even close). He's finally starting to come around and we're starting to be able to understand more and more of what he's saying. He still has his own way of saying "please" and "thank you" and neither one sounds like what he's trying to say... so we're still working on those. He's still learning to count to 10 and learn his colors.

We seem to be making progress on the sleep front. Today, Micah slept until almost 7:30! I had to keep checking on him to make sure he was breathing, LOL. It would sure be nice if he did that again tomorrow, but I doubt that he will. Last night, he was just wiped out from the two very short cat-naps he took on the way to and from the zoo.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's new...

Micah has some new words and is starting on putting two words together when he speaks. Part of new vocabulary: hand, (ba)nana, boat, bike, (s)tar, ball, bye mom, where go?, choo-choo, eat (very clear), where, all better.

Jacob and Micah are both growing like weeds and still really keep us hopping. They are very active boys. They love going to the playground, going for walks, and playing in the baby pool outside. Micah has started to pocket food in his mouth, for hours at a time. It's very frustrating and happens even with foods he loves. The boys really seem to be enjoying each other's company these days. Micah loves to try to tickle Jacob, and on occasion, we have found them holding hands. It's soooo cute! Neither of the boys seems to be gaining weight these days as they become very picky eaters, but Micah is now about 36" tall and Jacob is a tad shorter. Jacob talks in complete sentences now, though there are still many times that we have absolutely no clue what he's saying. He counts to 8 on his own, is learning his color, and working on opposites. Speech therapy for Micah is done for the summer, so we're just enjoying hanging out now.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm so bad.....

I'm sorry, I find myself frequently forgetting that I have a blog! It's been a blur of activity still. Micah continues with his therapies 4 times a week, though this week is spring break, so no therapy. He's doing soooo well with it! He has a new AVT therapist who is a bundle of energy. Micah responded to her from the get-go, which is certainly a blessing. As for new words in his vocabulary, he can now tell us when he's stuck "says stuck", says his older brother's name (I'm told this, at least). He talks all the time, even if his processors aren't on him. He still pulls them off when he's angry. No surprise there, there, though. That boy is very strong-willed! He's learning to dress and undress himself. He's also telling me when he wants his diaper changed. I keep trying to put him on the potty, but he hasn't peed or pooped on it yet.

Jacob is still trying to talk in complete sentences. He also will now tell me if he is poopied and wanting a diaper change. But, alas, no success with getting him to pee or poop on the potty----though last night he peed on the floor in front of the potty, lol. Jacob is still very much enjoying Micah's therapy sessions. He loves to answer questions for the therapist. He seems to be not as distracting during the sessions now (at least when I'm home). I seem to be missing about 50% of the sessions due to my work schedule, which I have no control over. I'm just thankful that progress is being made. That's what's important!

The boys' second birthday is coming up in less than two weeks. My, how fast these past two years have flown! I've survived the first two years with twins! WooHoo!!! They no longer look like babies. They look like adorable little boys, which I'm sure you'll see in the video clip ;-)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Their Artistic Side...

I pulled out the fingerpaints for the boys on Sunday and they had a good time. It was a lot of fun to watch what they did with the paints. At first, they played with the paint and spread it around on the paper, then they decided that it was really meant to be body paints. Here are a couple of video clips of their fun...

Friday, March 20, 2009

New words for Micah

Micah is attempting now to say names, such as Daddy and Jacob. He makes the ssss sound consistently, can hear whispering, says dog, wow, bye. I think his vocabulary now consists of about 20 words or so. I can hear Micah attempting to speak in sentences, but it's only with his babbling. It's so great to watch.

Jacob is attempting to speak in sentences. I still can't understand half of what he's saying, but he sure is trying hard!

I'll try to get some video clips of them talking very soon.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Wack, wack, wack

Micah just saw some ducks on tv and said, "wack, wack, wack". No coaching at all, totally spontaneous. More proof that his speech therapy is working!!!